ducatus logo 2Ducatus Global is a Fintech company based out of Singapore that is driven to see cryptocurrency gain mainstream acceptance as a means of payment. They produce the cryptocurrency Ducatus Coin (DUC), which stands apart from other cryptocurrencies for several reasons:

First, Ducatus Coin is a business; unlike other cryptocurrencies which are run and regulated by hackers, DUC is operated with the professional knowledge and business acumen of the entire Ducatus team. Second, DUC is commercially backed — Ducatus Global operates several affiliate businesses, including Ducatus Travel, Ducatus Property, and the brick-and-mortar Ducatus Cafe, all of which accept cashless payments only. By only accepting cryptocurrency, Ducatus provides a space for people to get comfortable using DUC and Bitcoin, among others, for making small purchases like coffee as well as larger purchases like a home or a vacation. 

Ducatus Global was founded by CEO Ronny Tome. For more on the Ducatus Group, visit their website: ducatus.net

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